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Customer Testimonials for The Car Palace

Kenneth C - 2004 Subaru Outback

5.0 star rating

This week, I was taking care of some maintenance on my wife's 2004 Subaru Outback.  As I was going through records we keep on the car, I came across the sales agreement/bill of sale for the car, which we purchased used from here in May of 2014.  I went on Yelp and noticed no one had written a review for them, so here's mine:

In spring of 2014, my wife was shopping for a used car.  We looked at and drove a Subaru Outback wagon from a used car lot in Rhode Island, but the car had issues, so we passed on it.  My wife, however, fell in love with the car, so we were on a mission to find the same exact model.  Most Subaru Outbacks have a 4-cylinder engine, but we were looking for one with a peppier 6-cylinder engine, and a limited edition one at that.  We looked at car listings from private sellers and dealers, and I test drove two other cars at used-car dealers, but was not impressed with either car.

Then, we saw a listing for the car we wanted at The Car Palace.  The car only had 104,000 miles, and even better, it had rear quarters with no body rot, and a heated windshield with no cracks (two common problems with these model cars).  We test drove the car; it ran great, and the price was reasonable, so we decided to buy it.  I did notice that one of the transaxle boots was torn, so the owner agreed, in writing, to replace the axle.  I returned a week or so later, and true to his word, he replaced the axle, and gave the car a Rhode Island inspection sticker.

The entire buying experience at Car Palace was very laid-back, with no pressure ... everything went smoothly.  And, they sold us a quality car that has stood the test of time.  My wife has had it more than 3-1/2 years and put approximately another 36,000 miles on it, and it has been a very reliable vehicle, needing only normal wear items such as tires and brakes.  Most importantly, my wife loves the car!

Beth Lampron - 2006 Ford Ranger

My daughter was looking for a car in the area and I remembered what great experience I have always had with the Car Palace in Seekonk, Ma. I drove by a few times cking inventory and found exactly what they were looking for !!! The transaction was great and the salesman was VERY accommodating!! After over 30 years The Car Palace will STILL be my go to for great vehicles and honest salesman~~ Thanks Car Palace for making this a great purchase!!! I bought my first car here and now my children are too!

Eric Mechanic - 2006 Acura TL

I had the greatest experience at The Car Palace. John sold me my first car and it was quick and easy. I was able to get a great car at a great price. I would strongly recommend The Car Palace to anybody.

Teresa Sowa - 2006 Chevy Trail Blazer

My son bought a car from Car Palace a few months ago. After a few weeks a control arm in the rear broke off the frame. When he took it for repair, he was told the frame was rusted through and needed to be repaired before they could replace the control arms. He called Car Palace, and they said to have it repaired and they would pay for it. They stood by there word and paid for the repair. He is very happy with the car, and we would recommend Car Palace to anyone. Honest people, good values.

Carl Rego - 2006 Jeep Commander

Had a great personal experience with John. He answered all my questions and was very straight forward. Something that's missing in car dealers today especially used cars. His cars are clean and exactly what he post online. I took a 2006 Jeep Commander forba test drive that only had 98,000 miles. It drove like it came off a new car lot. Like used cars there is always a few chips and scratches. The interior was spotless and in near mint condition. The price was even below market value which made it very hard not to pass up and I did not. That day I put a down payment and John handled all the paperwork and even gave me his personal cell number just in case I had any more questions. Went back to do all the paperwork and he had it all ready to be signed and the rest is history. If you want a no bs car dealer the Car Palace is a great place to shop. I've already recommended them to a few of my friends.

Kyle Cabral - 2006 Honda Civic

Such a Great place!!!!!! they honestly need to Expand! and brand there name better there customer service is amazing! great selection of cars from domestic to foreign to everyday grandma cars to nice sports cars to vans! my sister bought a 2006 Civic there and the sales man was very hands on walked her thru financing gave her a handful of cars to choose from knowing her budget. even followed up with her a week later to see how she loves the car. Honestly that's what i call customer service! even her brakes went out a few months later she went there and they took the time cleared there schedule helped her out i speak so highly of this place!! if they had a bigger spot they would smoke all the other used car dealerships in East Providence. even with the competition around they still maintain consistent and being humble; honestly makes me look at car dealerships differently i kinda wish i worked with them.

Jason Ball - 2004 Honda Crv

I bought an 04 crv from John at The Car Palace. I found the car advertised on craigslist, called him up and he came in on his day off to meet me. I was shocked at how nice his inventory was, personally hand picked and in amazing shape. The check engine light ended up coming on my crv a couple days after I bought for an evap code not allowing me to inspect it. I called John he told me he would ttake care of it and I could use my personal mechanic that I trust and have been dealing with for several years to get it fixed. He was true to his word and cut me a check after I had the job done. Next day I went and got it inspected and the car passed with flying colors. John also had 4 brand new tires put on prior to me picking it up. I recommend The Car Palace to anyone in need of reliable, clean, well maintained used vehicle. Small dealerships like The Car Palace that provide customer service like this place along with quality inventory are hard to come by. 5 stars isn't enough. I'm very satisfied. Thanks again for a great vehicle.

Ron G - 2003 Gmc Yukon

I recently purchased a nice SUV from John, they go above and beyond to select good vehicles and then make sure they are in the condition they would want them. To the point and direct to deal with no guessing games or BS. They even replaced a couple of things that were bothering me before i picked it up. The vehicle was spotless and interior like brand new also changing the entire full power drivers seat because it was ripped at the seem (which most of these vehicles are) and John said I wouldn't sell it looking that way, I was surprised and very pleased. Anyone else wouldn't have cared. Top notch, Very stand up group of people, I will go there again when the time comes. Excellent experience......Much appreciation and thanks to all of them!

Nomad X - 2003 Chevy Cavalier

Was car shopping for over 2 weeks looking for the right car. Was looking through Craigslist & found it at Car Palace a 2003 Cavalier. John was amazing to work with as were the whole staff. They even came up with a last min muffler strap & let me store my old car there over night till I could come & get it for FREE. Can't say enough good stuff about this place & the experience I had there & I absolutely loath car shopping

Kim Pereira - 2006 Toyota Solara

Just bought my second car from John at the Car Palace in the span of 2 months. Had a great experience the 1st time so went back for a 2nd time looking for a specific vehicle. John was able to get me exactly what I was looking for and I am so pleased. If you don't see what you want on the lot, ask and they may be able to find what you are looking for. John was easy to work with and they do all the work with registrations so I don't have to take time from work to go to the registry. All in all, great experience.

Chris Foster - 2006 Ford Taurus

This is a great dealer with cars that are very affordable. John will go above and well beyond to get the customer into a great vehicle that fits their needs and budget. I know because I just purchased a vehicle there myself. Having less than good credit was not a problem. John worked tirelessly and found me financing that worked for me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.....

Wayne Jenkins - 2000 Volvo S40

Have an excellent experience! Came several hours away from NH so relied a lot on info I got over the phone to be accurate and truthful and that was just what I got.They even held the car for me 3 hours away with no deposit. The car was immaculately cleaned,serviced and detailed and everything worked and performed as promised. There was ZERO pressure and I was allowed to test drive and have the car checked as long as I needed. They were also willing to be flexible on price and couldn't have been more helpful. I would travel the distance there again for a another car w/o hesitation. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good used car at a fair price. Thanks again, Wayne.